Design & Fabrication
Ship Repair & Lay By Berth
Oil & Gas Industry
Afloat Ship Repair
In-Port Limit & Off-Port Limit Anchorage
Hull Side Damage Repair
KSB Alongside Berth Repair
Hatch Cover Alongside Wharf Repair
PTP Alongside Wharf Repair
Lay-Up Services In Port Limit Anchorage
Lay-Up Services in East Malaysia
Lay-Up Services in West Malaysia
CuNi Pipe Fabrications
Twistlock Bins Fabrications
Citadel Door Fabrication
Erect Hanging Staging
Ship Renaming & Painting
Toxic Cargo Spillage Cleaning & Disposal
GS Pump Dismantle & Installation
Vent Fan & Motor Overhaul
10T Bow Thruster Motor Installation
Valves Overhaul
Valves Lapping & Recondition
Valves Supply
Cylinder Lubricator SIP Valves
Main Engine Nozzle
Spindle Guide
Aluminum Wharf Ladder Repair
Tower Hangway Fabrication
Aluminium Gangway Repair
Underwater CCTV Inspection
Underwater Hull Cleaning
Container Gen Set Troubleshoot
Electrical & Pneumatic
STS Hose Transfer
Hose Testing & Certification
Oily Residues Disposal with Certificate
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